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Animal Health Coordinator

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Job Description

The Brooke is a leading UK equine welfare charity which has been working in Ethiopia since 2006 with a country office in Addis Ababa. The Brooke aims to improve the welfare of working equines, together with the livelihoods of people dependent on these animals. Brooke Ethiopia (B-Eth) is entering a new Strategic phase and by the year 2020, the Brooke Ethiopia will sustainable improve the equine welfare of some of the neediest rural and urban equines in Ethiopia. In order to achieve this, the role of Senior Animal Health field office coordinator is critical.


Job title:

  Animal Health Coordinator (AHC)

Current location:

Based in Debremarkos with frequent travel to all project location (SNNPR and Oromia)

Reports to:

Directly Report to Program Manager and Functionally report to Program Design and Quality Assurance (PDQA) Manager

Staff managed by this post:

None.  The post holder must work in close collaboration with Woredas Animal Health Officers and community development and engagement program by taking advice from the programme development and quality assurance manager

Main purpose

Animal health mentoring framework

§  Responsible for continued professional development of Brooke Ethiopia veterinary team to maintain high standards in animal health (e.g. scoring greater than 80% in AHMF).

§  Running the training workshop for Brooke staff and external mentors such as the Ethiopian government vets to use the Animal Health Mentoring Framework effectively

§  Lead standardization exercises. Ensure that mentors score within 10% according to the AHMF guidelines

§  Analyzing data from the field and adapting interventions and training programs accordingly.

§  Identifying gaps in the animal health system and designing interventions or working with senior management to lobby for improvements in, for example, access to essential medicines, adequate funding of animal health services, improved training for animal health practitioners.

§  Work with UK animal health advisors to adapt available training material for animal health practitioners. Ensure technical accuracy and translation

§  Ensure that the Animal Health Mentoring Framework is operationalized according to the recommendations in the guidance notes


§  Lead for the farriery project in Ethiopia

§  Regular mentoring of farriers using the farriery mentoring framework

§  Report back to farrier advisors in the UK

§  Support all farriery training visits in the field

§  Work with the UK team to develop Ethiopian Farrier trainers, access to tools and equipment

Community development and engagement programme

§  Advise on animal husbandry, animal health, farriery and animal welfare for community development interventions

§  Provide training to Brooke community development field staff on aspects of animal husbandry, animal health, farriery and animal welfare

§  Conduct technical checking of all material used for community development

Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

§  Work closely with the woredas team to develop quarterly and monthly plans, and implement as a team

§  Produce and submit quality monthly progress reports to the woredas team leader

§  Prepare monthly report the WBA/CQM findings from the monitoring/mentoring of the health care service providers

§  Maintain and updated records of equines, equine owners and local service providers within the Brooke operational areas.

Documentation, learning and Sharing

§  Coordinate and support Research works as appropriate (in collaboration with other teams/departments)

§  Ensure that best practices in the Program Area with regard to Equine Health Welfare issues are documented and shared   with relevant stakeholders (in collaboration with the ICO).

§   Ensure that key lessons from the programme are captured and documented, and used for programme development.

§  Prepare a one page monthly program update report and submit to the POM for publication by the Communication Department


§  This has included, for example, owners of stone-carrying donkeys; fire wood and timber carrying equines, gharry horse owners, cart donkey owners, equine owners associations etc…to improve the welfare of urban working equines

§  Meet with the group regularly (perhaps every two weeks/monthly), showing the how to handle their animals well to avoid injuries, and how to treat basic welfare issues effectively. .   Ensure that any Brooke resources in your custody are managed in accordance with relevant Brooke policies and guidelines (financial procedures, fleet management policy, HR manual)

§  Ensure that the Brooke animal health and welfare policies and approaches are promoted and adhered to in your work (including minimum standards, vaccination, deworming)

Job Requirements:

Qualification and Experience Required  

-          Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

-          Excellent veterinary clinician and animal welfare advocate

-          Teaching qualification and mentoring skills

-          Experience working with external stakeholders such as government veterinary services, medicine suppliers etc.

-          A minimum of 5 years field based experience in providing veterinary and community development services as well as delivering training and services in better health care service delivery

-          Demonstrated experience in the capacity building with communities and understanding of sustainable development

-          Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, able to write reports in English

-          Good report writing skills.

-          Knowledge of basic Animal Welfare (AW) concepts and the importance of working equines to households / the economy.                           

-          Good IT skills, MS Office applications

-          Driving licence (motor Bick)

Skill and Abilities Required

-          Basic knowledge of IT skills,

-          Good analytical and critical thinking skills.

-         Basic in English and fluency (spoken and written) in Amharic; speaking local language is advantageous.


How to Apply

If you are interested in the job and fulfil the above requirements, please visit the website        click on the link and download the detailed Brooke Ethiopia Job application form, Please complete the application form and send the completed application form with letter of motivation and copies of relevant credentials through

For further information or support, please call us on 0116-62-18-85/0116-61-00-69 or 0912 05 54 59.

Mar 25, 2019

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